REU 2018


Name: Farhat Alam

Institution: University of California Berkeley

Adviser: Prof. Bruce Koel

Topic: Investigating Historic Copper Smelting by Analyzing Raman Spectroscopy of Slag

Name: Aziza Almanakly

Institution: The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Adviser: Prof. Stephen Lyon

Topic: Controlling the Depth of Superfluid Helium with Interdigitated Capacitors for Electron Transport



Name: Chris Catalan

Institution: Princeton University

Adviser: Prof. Sundaresan, Prof. Yao

Topic: High-Resolution Computed Tomography on Root-Rhizosphere Interfaces


Name: Jacquelyn Cetola

Institution: University of Florida

Adviser: Prof. Lynn Loo

Topic: Exploring Morphology and Structure of Perovskite Thin Films Processed with Sulfur-Donor Solvents



Name: Savannah Downing

Institution: Iowa State University

Adviser: Prof. Alejandro Rodriguez

Topic: Critically Coupled Frequency Combs via Adiabatic Inverse Design

Name: Nathan Ewell

Institution: Pennsylvania State University

Adviser: Prof. Rodney Priestley

Topic: Encapsulation of Sensitive Dye for Indicator Applications




Name: Julia Huddy

Institution: Dickinson College

Adviser: Prof. Craig Arnold

Topic: Solution Processing of Chalcogenide Materials for Application in Lithium Ion Batteries

Name: Derek Kuldinow

Institution: Yale University

Adviser: Prof. Mikko Haataja

Topic: Packing of Multi-Component Phases in 3-Dimensions



Name: Julian Richardson

Institution: University of Southern Mississippi

Adviser: Prof. Rodney Priestley

Topic: Elucidating Substrate Effect on MAPLE Deposited Semi-Crystalline Polymer Films                    

Name: Hunter Simonson

Institution: Louisiana State University

Adviser: Prof. Markus Hultmark

Topic: Organic Elastic Filament Velocimetry


Name: Alexandra Spitzer

Institution: Rutgers University

Adviser: Prof. Rick Register

Topic: Crystallization Kinetics of Hydrogenated Polynorbornene

Name: John Torres

Institution: California State University Northridge

Adviser: Prof. Claire White

Topic: Sub 1nm Pore Structure in Metakaolin



Name: Heather White

Institution: Mississippi State University

Adviser: Prof. James Link

Topic: Investigating the Biosynthesis of a Novel Microviridin-Like RiPP in Thermobifida fusca

Name: Angela Yang

Institution: University of Southern California

Adviser: Prof. Howard Stone

Topic: The Role of Dilute Polymer Solutions on Droplets Bouncing on Air



Name: Justin Yeung

Institution: University of California-Berkeley

Adviser: Prof. Dan Steingart

Topic: Characterization of Lithium Plating in Li-Ion Batteries via Acoustic Measurements