Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

PCCM REU 2024: June 3 to August 2

  • Applications are now open REU2024.Applications
  • Deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2024
  • All applicants must be U.S. Citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents

PCCM's REU program provides opportunities for undergraduates to carry out research at the forefront of materials science and engineering.

For 9 weeks the REU students work on projects under the guidance of faculty from the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering. The REU research projects are not special projects created for the undergraduate level, but rather are an integral part of current research of faculty associated with the Princeton Center for Complex Materials. REU students are matched to ongoing research projects of the faculty based on the research interests they list in their application. Therefore, applicants are not only selected based on their qualifications, but also how well their interests align to the available projects.

The PCCM REU program also provides an educational component consisting of short courses and lectures, designed to introduce students to the grand challenges of materials research. Special seminars also examine the role of science and engineering in society. Lab visits to both Princeton labs and industrial labs in the area are arranged.

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PCCM's prior REU programs:                                                                    

2023 REU: Photos / Agendas:

REU 2023 Agenda Week 1
REU 2023 Agenda Week 2
REU 2023 Agenda Week 3
REU 2023 Agenda Week 4
REU 2023 Agenda Week 5
REU 2023 Agenda Week 6
REU 2023 Agenda Week 7
REU 2023 Agenda Week 8
REU 2023 Agenda Week 9

2022 REU: Agenda / Photos  
2021 REU: Agenda / Students' Research Projects / Application
2020 REU: Cancelled due to COVID-19.
2019 REUAgenda / Students' Research Projects. PCCM hosted 16 students from 10 different states/territories, from Puerto Rico to California. The students worked on a wide range of materials science topics such as graphene, tuning phase behavior of polynorbornene, microfluidic flows, fabrication, polymer colloid  and organic materials for electronic devices. Over 40 students from other REU programs at Princeton participated in the PCCM trips and weekly seminars. 70 students from the MRSECs at NYU, Columbia, and U Penn visited Princeton to network with our REU students and participate in tours of local labs. The program culminated with Poster Night, attended by over 100 guests including Princeton faculty, staff, students and REU participants.
2018 REU: Agenda / Photos. In 2018, PCCM hosted 13 REU students from 9 different states/territories, from Florida to California. The students focused on a wide range of materials science topics such as chalcogenide materials, crystallization kinetics, polymers, thin films and batteries. The program culminated with Poster Night on August 10, with over 100 in attendance.
2017 REU: Photos
2016 REU: Video / Photos
2015 REU: Photos

The PCCM REU program is funded by the NSF MRSEC grant (DMR 2011750).