Seeds (2008-2015)

Synthesis of Optimally Efficient Upconversion Nanophosphors
Yiguang Ju: Seed leader (shared with Robert Austin & Nan Yao)

Multi-layer Metallic Surface Structures for the Control of Carbon-Induced Corrosion
Craig Arnold: Seed leader (shared with Trikur A. Ramanarayanan)

Semiconductor-Based Optical Metamaterials
Claire Gmachl: Seed leader (shared with Jason Fleischer & Craig Arnold)

Mechanical Force-Induced Cell Signaling and Migration
Mikko Hataaja: Seed leader (shared with Jean Schwarzbauer & Wole Soboyejo)

Environmental Impact on the Mechanical and Transport Properties of Ionomers
Jay Benziger: Seed leader (shared with Thanos Panagiotopoulos)

Realization of Extremely High-Quality Gaas 2d Electron Systems with Tunable Charge Distribution Symmetry
Mansour Shayegan: Seed leader (shared with Loren Pfeiffer) 

Low‐Loss Dielectrics for Quantum Information
Andrew Houck: Seed leader (shared with Steve Lyon)

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting: Materials, Morphology, and Mechanics
Michael McAlpine: Seed leader (shared with Mikko Haataja)

Investigations into the Stability and Crosslinking of the Core of Block-Copolymer Core-Shell Nanoparticles
Jamie Link: Seed leader (shared with Robert Prud’homme and William Russel)

Understanding Gene Regulatory Networks of Multicellular Organisms Using a Novel Kind of Bio-Probe
Thomas Gregor: Seed leader (shared with Jeffrey Schwartz)

Formation of Glasses with Exceptional Thermodynamic and Kinetic Stability: an Experimental and Computational Investigation
Rodney Priestley: Seed leader (shared with Craig Arnold and Pablo Debenedetti)

Dynamic Responses of Soft Materials: Bending, Twisting, and Snapping
Howard Stone: Seed leader

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