Interdisciplinary Research Group D

Quantum Control in Semiconductor Nanostructures

Research in IRG-D is focused on quantum control in semiconductor nanostructures, with a particular emphasis on single quanta, such as spins and photons. We are currently pursuing experiments to determine spin coherence times in silicon devices, where the host material can be isotopically purified to eliminate the hyperfine interaction. Scanning tunneling microscopy is being used to probe magnetism in Mn doped GaAs samples by locally mapping the density of states in the material. Single electron and single photon devices are being fabricated using semiconductor nanowires and GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures. We are also interested in developing new methods for control and detection of single spins in semiconductors, including the use of superconductor resonators for electron spin resonance and the development of a milli-Kelvin scanning tunneling microscope with a spin-polarized tip and integrated rf measurement capabilities.

Current members
Andrew Houck (EE)
David Huse (Phys)
Steve Lyon, co-leader (EE)
Jason Petta, co-leader (Phys)
Loren Pfeiffer (EE)
Mansour Shayegan (EE)
Emanuel Tutuc (U. Texas) 
Ali Yazdani (Phys)

Current collaborators
G. Burkard (Konstanz)
M. Gyure (HRL Laboratories)
A. Heinrich (IBM)
A. Kahn (EE, IRG-B)
D. Loss (Basel)
R.A. Register (CBE, IRG-C)
J.C. Sturm (EE, IRG-B)

IRG D publications
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