Interdisciplinary Research Group C

Integrated Self-Assembled Nanostructures

The focus of IRG-C is the integration of self-assembled nanometer-scale building blocks into spatially-defined macroscopic structures. Self-assembling building blocks of particular interest include rigid aromatic molecules and surfactants (≈1 nm) and block copolymer nanodomains (10-100 nm). Theory and simulation are used to understand and guide the selection of molecular interactions to create building blocks with controlled structure and properties. Complex large-area patterns are formed by applying shear, electrohydrodynamics, or confining surfaces to the self-assembled building blocks

Current members
Steve Chou (EE)
Mikko Haataja (MAE)
Lynn Loo (CBE)
Thanos Panagiotopoulos, co-leader (CBE)
Rick Register, co-leader (CBE)
Bill Russel (CBE)

Current collaborators
D.H. Adamson (U. Connecticut)
D.E. Angelescu (ESIEE)
P.M. Chaikin (NYU)
S. K. Kumar (Columbia)
D. L. Koch (Cornell)
C. N. Likos (Vienna)
D.H. Pan (Xerox)
I. Szleifer (Northwestern)
D.A. Vega (UNDS)

IRG C publications
IRG C highlights