Interdisciplinary Research Group B

Design and Control of Buried Active Molecular Materials Interfaces

IRG-B emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to design, synthesize and understand molecular interfaces and systems formed by non-traditional methods, e.g., printing, lamination and laser-assisted deposition. By properly designing interfaces and controlling their structures, the goal is to improve the electrical characteristics for enhanced charge injection, collection and/or transport, ultimately improving device efficiency.

Current members
Craig Arnold (MAE)
Stefan Bernhard (Chem)
Antoine Kahn, co-leader (EE)
Lynn Loo, co-leader (CBE)
Rodney Priestley (CBE)
Jeff Schwartz (Chem)
Wolé Soboyejo (MAE)
Zoltán Soos (Chem)
Jim Sturm (EE)

Current collaborators
G.B. Blanchet (DuPont)
R. Car (Chem)
C.H. Crouch (Swarthmore)
A.R. Duggal (GE)
D.A. Fischer (NIST)
Y. Rosenwaks (Tel Aviv)
Y. Ventikos (Oxford)