Interdisciplinary Research Group A

Electronic Materials with Triangular Lattice and Dirac Excitations

The research in IRG-A is focused on investigating novel electronic materials such as the topological insulators based on bismuth semiconductors. On the surfaces of these materials, the electronic states display a linear energy-momentum dispersion described by the Dirac Hamiltonian. In addition, IRG-A is researching novel materials described by 2D triangular lattices. The techniques applied involve materials synthesis and crystal growth, measurement of angle-resolved photoemission, scanning tunneling microscopy, transport and magnetization.

Current members
Andre Bernevig (Phys)
Bob Cava, co-leader (Chem)
Duncan Haldane (Phys)
Zahid Hasan (Phys)
N. Phuan Ong (Phys)
Jason Petta (Phys)
Donna Sheng (Phys, CSUN)
Ali Yazdani, co-leader (Phys)

Current collaborators
G.D. Gu (BNL)
J.W. Lynn (NIST)
C. Petrovic (BNL)
A.P. Ramirez (Alcatel)
M. Shayegan (EE, IRG-D)
J.M. Tranquada (BNL)
S. Watauchi (Yamanashi)

IRG A publications
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