Seed 2: Dual-intent Polymer Additives for 3D-printing of Cementitious Materials

This proposal aims to develop polymer additives for tuning the rheological properties of fresh cementitious suspensions (colloidal suspensions of cement and water) for extrusion-based 3D-printing (i.e., direct-ink-writing, DIW) applications. We anticipate that these polymer additives will enable tuning of the colloidal interactions, thus leading to control of macroscopic rheological properties and stability of 3D-printed elements for a broad range of shear rates and extrusion parameters for DIW applications.

Principal Investigators: 

Emily C. Davidson

Emily Davidson (CBE)

Reza Moini

Reza Moini (CEE)

Seed start and end date: September 1, 2021 - February 28, 2023

C.L.C. Chan, J.M. Taylor, E.C. Davidson, “Design of Soft Matter for Additive Processing,” Nature Synthesis (2022) DOI: 10.1038/s44160-022-00115-3