IRG 2 - Highlights


  • Understanding solution processing of inorganic materials using cryo-EM (PDF)
  • Modeling the early stage formation mechanisms of calcium silicate hydrates and related gels in concrete (PDF)


  • Rapid production of internally structured colloids by flash nanoprecipitation of block copolymer blends (PDF)
  • The Role of Chain Connectivity Across an Interface on the Dynamics of a Nanostructured Block Copolymer (PDF)


  • Growth of amorphous calcium aluminosilicategel facilitated by nanoparticles in a confined, drying environment (PDF)
  • Solvent quality influences surface structure of glassy polymer thin films after evaporation (PDF)


  • Dramatic Tunability in Melting Temperature and Crystallinity of Polyethylene by Exploiting Confinement During Processing (PDF)
  • Direct Measurement of the Local Glass Transition in Nanophase Structured Copolymers with One Nanometer Resolution (PDF)


  • MAPLE of Polymer Films for Morphology Control (PDF)
  • Glass Transition of Irreversibly Adsorbed Nanolayers (PDF)


  • MAPLE of Polymer Films for Morphology Control (PDF)
  • Shearing Progressively Aligns Block Copolymer Films (PDF)