PUMA (Princeton University Materials Academy) students spend 3 weeks studying and conducting experiments on "Materials That Move & Play!"

July 15, 2022

This summer’s anticipated Materials Science program is back! PUMA 2022 has been up and running since July 6th. This year’s program has 9 gifted high school students from Trenton High, Princeton High, and more. This year’s curriculum is based on “Materials That Move & Play!” The PUMA students are experiencing teachings by Dr. Joy Barnes Johnson with lessons and fun project work each day. In particular, the PUMA students are conducting Research Based Project Learning based on experimentation, materials that move and play including polymers, building materials, and fluid dynamics surfactants. Some of the projects include, Chemistry of Playdough, Snow Globes, Kinetic Sand, Lava Lamps, Structures and Bridges. Furthermore, over the course of this three-week summer program, the classroom is joined by PCCM mentors and professors, and research scholars who provide seminars ranging from advice on applying and navigating through college, as well as lessons and hands-on experiments on the different research that can be conducted under the subject of Materials Science!

Additional details for PUMA 2022: Princeton University Materials Academy (PUMA) | Princeton Center for Complex Materials