Awards & Honors

Wednesday, Dec 18, 2019

Leslie Schoop, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and Robert Cava, the Russell Wellman Moore Professor of Chemistry, have each been awarded 5-year grants by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in the amount of $1.7M.

Friday, Dec 6, 2019

The National Academy of Inventors has named Princeton engineering professors Howard Stone (PCCM iSuperSeed investigator) and James Sturm (PCCM IRG-3 investigator...

Friday, Aug 2, 2019

The US Department of Energy has named Jeff Thompson (senior investigator with PCCM's IRG-3) the recipient of a 2019 Early Career Award, with five years of significant funding from the department's Office of Science.

Wednesday, Jul 31, 2019

The newly created position provides academic leadership for innovation and entrepreneurship activities across campus. Priestley (CBE) is co-leader of PCCM's IRG-2.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Leslie Schoop, an assistant professor of chemistry and senior investigator with PCCM's IRG-1, is one of 10 winners of the 2019 Beckman Young Investigator Awards for faculty within the first three years of a tenure-track position....

Monday, May 6, 2019

Yazdani, Director of PCCM and Class of 1909 Professor of Physics, and his Princeton team harness the power of high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to visualize quantum states of matter.