RET - Research Experience for Teachers
PCCM Education recognizes that through training teachers in materials science content and providing real research experience, we can make a tremendous impact on their students for years to come.  Through Research Experience for Teachers and specialized workshops, teachers have direct access to PCCM's faculty and their work, breathing new life into their curriculum and, through the teachers, inspiring students.

The Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM) at Princeton University conducts a Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program each Summer, pending funding. The RET is for high school teachers who teach Chemistry, Physics, Technology, or related subjects and who wish to enrich their curriculum by experiencing state-of-the-art research in Materials Science. Teachers in RET conduct research full-time in the lab of a PCCM faculty member. The program is coordinated with our Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. RET and REU are funded by the National Science Foundation. The number of positions depends on funding. RET Program Structure

PUMA master teacher and RET participant Nicole Carro to be published in Polymer for her work with Professor Jay Benziger.  See the article on Science Direct.

Teachers as Scholars
On November 14 and  December 5, 2016, 18 teachers visited the Princeton Center for Complex Materials as part of Teacher Prep's program to learn about materials science and how to apply it to the classroom. This unique PCCM program is part of a larger "Teachers as Scholars" initiative as part of Princeton University's Teacher Preparation program. The teachers will tour the PCCM labs and facilities. They will also discuss the interdisciplinary nature of science from many of PCCM's scientists and engineers, including Professors Craig Arnold, Kaushik Sengupta, Rod Priestley, Claire White, Nan Yao, and several graduate students. PCCM members will lead guided discussions on how to apply what they learned in compliance with the new "Next Generation Science Standards."

For more RET programs please see: Pathways to Science - NSF RET 

Teachers as Scholars 2015 poster