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Retelling Science: Pilot Workshop Series Brings STEM to Stage! coming soon

Retelling Science is a pilot workshop to teach scientists, STEM professionals, aspiring scientists and 6th - 12th grade students interested in STEM fields how to research, create, present a short monologue of a historic person in STEM and their moment of scientific discovery — in character!

As professional development for scientists, graduates and post-docs with a focus on materials science, Retelling Science is produced by STEM on Stage in collaboration with Princeton Center for Complex Materials. The science communications workshop will be facilitated by acclaimed living history scholar & engineer Susan Marie Frontczak of Storysmith©, Daniel Steinberg, Director of Education Outreach at PCCM & Jen Myronuk, Digital Humanities Producer with STEM on Stage.

By the end of the workshop, all participants will have a chance to perform their monologue and reflect on the process of retelling science. Additional opportunity to participate in an optional audio podcast. Space is limited! There is no charge to apply and participate in the program. Sponsored by Princeton Center for Complex Materials Education Outreach program.
Two tracks: Adults (18+) & Students (6th-12th grade).
Registration opening soon!

Retelling Science workshop supported by NSF MRSEC DMR-2011750



Past programs:

Science Communication and Education at CSUN

On Feb. 12 and Feb. 13, 2018, over 25 researchers at California State University Northridge (CSUN) joined us for a Science Communication Workshop conducted by the Princeton Center for Complex Education Outreach team. This program was free and open to all undergraduate, graduate students and postdocs pursuing research in the sciences.

There were four modules covering a variety of topics in science communication. Students that participated in all four modules received a Science Communication Certificate issued by the Princeton University MRSEC office.

Workshop overview:

  • Module 1: How People Learn, Feb.12 from 10AM - 12PM
  • Module 2: Communicating to non-specialists, Feb. 12 from 2PM-4PM
  • Module 3: Unraveling the Scientific Language, Feb. 13 from 10AM - 12PM
  • Module 4: Science Demo Presentations, Feb. 13 from 2PM-4PM
  • Optional Session: Consultation to develop your own science demo, Feb 13, from 4PM-6PM

Science Communication and Education Network (SCENe)

SCENe Workshop

The PCCM Science Communication and Education Network (SCENe) workshop series consists of:

  • 2 four-hour workshop sessions
  • 1 individual training session to plan and develop your own demo/final product
  • A face-to-face experience with a non-specialist audience (we offer several opportunities throughout, but they can also be from outside) and final reflection with us.

These workshops (provided free to Princeton University researchers) are based on the “Portal to the Public” NSF-funded method, with group activities, discussions and lectures. All participants will receive feedback and when all the requirements are met, participants will receive a recognition of participation issued by the Princeton MRSEC.

The purpose of this training is for researchers to build on their communication skills and face-to-face interactions, increase their confidence while communicating their work and becoming part of a community of researchers that share an interest in science outreach and engagement. The first edition of this workshop was held in April 2017 and several editions of this programs have been held through 2018 and 2019 at Princeton University, as well as at California State University Northridge (CSUN), the Young Women's Conference and several iterations of the Materials Research Society (MRS) meetings, among others.

These workshops are recommended to all Princeton University graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty and staff members in the sciences.