Princeton Summer School on Condensed Matter Physics (PSSCMP) 2024

PSSCMP 2024 in collaboration with IAS (Institute for Advanced Study)

will take place over the course of 3 weeks, with options to attend all 3 weeks, weeks 1 & 2, or week 3 only.

For information on weeks 1&2, July 8-19 PiTP (IAS)

For information on week 3, July 22-26 PSSCMP (PCCM), see below:

All talks, meals and accommodation will be held at
Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)
1 Einstein Drive
Princeton, New Jersey
08540 USA

Registration for week 3, including poster presentation information; will open later in April, 2024, due to an overwhelming interest and response to our joint summer program.  Please check periodically for updates.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Talks will focus on the theme: Quantum Matter: Superconductivity, Topology and Correlations.

List of Current Speakers:
Andrei Bernevig (Princeton University), Nathalie de Leon (Princeton University), Ben Feldman (Standford University), Long Ju (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Eun-Ah Kim (Cornell University), Di Xiao (University of Washington), Xiaodong Xu (University of Washington), Sanfeng Wu (Princeton University),Ming Yi (Rice University), Mike Zaletel (UC Berkeley), Edward Witten (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University).

PSSCMP Organizing Committee Members:
Biao Lian (Princeton University), Leslie Schoop (Princeton University), Sanfeng Wu (Princeton University), Ali Yazdani (Princeton University).

PSSCMP Student Organizers:
Yanyu Jia, Xiao Yang, Kristina G.Woinski, Hao Chen.

The Princeton Summer School on Condensed Matter Physics (PSSCMP) 2024 will focus on Quantum Matter, Superconductivity, Topology and Correlations.  2024 is PSSCMP's 20th year (its inaugural year was 2005), and each year the program aims to foster knowledge exchange to explore the forefront of both theoretical and experimental methods in this rapidly evolving domain. The program is open to both Princeton and non-Princeton graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the sciences. Lectures are of pedagogical aim. Participants apply to present their research during a poster session.

PSSCMP archive:

2023 (hybrid) - Fractionalization, criticality and unconventional quantum materials 2023 Program / 2023 Photos / Contacts for PSSCMP 2023.
26 students and postdocs presented their research at a Poster Session
on Thurs. July 13. Click here for presenters and poster titles.
90 in-person registered and 503 webinar registered.

2022 (hybrid) - Hidden Correlations in Flat BandsProgram / Lecture Recordings / Photos. 663 registered attendees (571 webinar and 92 in-person), 19 poster presenters, 18 lectures featuring 11 speakers.

2021 (virtual) - Novel Excitations in Correlated MaterialsProgram / Lecture recordings.  587 registered attendees, 32 poster presenters, 15 lectures by 12 speakers
Recordings for Joseph Falson - "Correlated States in Ultra-Pure Oxides" and Pablo Jarillo-Herrero - "Moiré Magic 3.0".

2020 (virtual) - Magnetism in Quantum Materials: Program / Lecture recordings240 registered attendees, 35 poster presenters, 14 lectures by 9 speakers
2019 - Emergent phenomena and correlated physics in two-dimensional materialsProgramPhotos/ Lecture recordings
2018 - Quantum DynamicsProgram / Lecture recordings
2017 - Quantum ComputationProgram / Lecture recordings
2016 - Many-Body Localization and Frustrated Magnetism: ProgramLecture recordings
2015 - New Insights About Quantum Matter: ProgramLecture recordings
2014 - Quantum Information and Computation: Program Lecture recordings