PCCM Poster Night

The Princeton Center for Complex Materials hosted its third annual Poster Night on February 8, 2018 at the Brush Gallery in McDonnell Hall. This event will featured 30 Princeton University graduate students and postdocs who presented their cutting edge research in materials science. The 30 posters were ranked by a panel of six judges in four different categories: motivation for the work, clarity of the poster, style and the excitement of the research results.

Winners were:

1st position: Victoria Lee - Chemical and Biological Engineering

2nd position: Berthold Jaeck - Physics

3rd position: Jingjie Hu - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



Our previous edition winners were: 

  • Mallika Randeria, Graduate Student, Physics
  • Mattias Fitzpatrick, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
  • Wesley Reinhart, Graduate Student, Chemical and Biological Engineering.